EB Advanced

EB Advanced is the strongest and most efficient method of constructing stacked sod walls using synthetic grass tiles. The method was invented and developed exclusively by Richard Allen and is available only from EcoBunker Ltd and PermaEdge (in the USA).

Whilst the original was good, EB Advanced is better. Why?

EB advanced is not a gravity structure. It performs as a cantilever wall, which is known to all civil engineers as a more efficient method of construction. The diagram below shows a typical cross section through the wall. The tiles come in two sizes, narrower fascia tiles, and wider anchor tiles. The anchor tiles provide a structural link between the fascia and the cement modified soil backfill behind. Unlike the original gravity wall option, structural stability is provided through a combination of the synthetic tiles and the cement modified soil behind.

2017 PermaEdge Core Specification

EB advanced matches the construction speed and the beautiful aesthetics of the original method, but adds in the following benefits:

  • 36% increase in structural stability
  • 38% decrease in transportation costs
  • Improved stiffness, reducing risk of bulging
  • Zero wastage*

*The original method relies entirely on the synthetic tiles for stability. When tiles have lost their sand infill they are NOT suitable for construction, will compromise wall stability and should be DISCARDED. Although all tiles that are supplied are full of sand, sometimes during the handling and cutting process it is difficult for operatives to retain sand in every tile. We have noticed that between 5% and 8% of tiles can be lost in this way. HOWEVER, because the EB advanced method relies on the cement modified backfill for a substantial proportion of the wall strength, it is not a problem if a small percentage of tiles have a reduced sand content. All tiles can be used, and this results in ZERO WASTAGE.

EB Advanced benefits from an International Patent application.

Ecobunker The Berkshire
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