EB Original

EB Original is the first embodiment of the synthetic stacked sod wall system devised by Richard Allen.

The sod wall (which is a flexible retaining wall) functions as a gravity structure, with the necessary self-weight provided by sand filled artificial grass tiles. These tiles are obtained from second generation artificial grass that has been reclaimed from worn out sports fields. As with all gravity structures, the stability is provided exclusively by the mass of the wall which is consistently 200mm (8 inches) thick. Rear wall drainage is not necessary as the wall is porous, so it is not possible for de-stabilising high pressures to build up.

Prior to July 2016 this was the only construction method available. Although a more efficient method is now available, clients who started their projects prior to July 2016 and are familiar with the construction method can continue to use EcoBunker Original if they choose.

Ecobunker at The Royal Winchester
Ecobunker at St Leon Rot
Ecobunker at Royal St Georges
Ecobunker at Chart Hills
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