Golf Bunker Design Styles

Selecting the golf bunker design style for your bunker renewal project with Ecobunker Ltd is one of the most important decisions your golf club will make. Why? Because we guarantee our bunker walls for 20 years+, with minimal maintenance. Unlike traditional temporary bunker fixes, we offer a long-term solution to benefit your course for the decades to come. Plan it right and ‘Build it Once’. We encourage clients to follow our EcoBunker Process, beginning with understanding bunker design possibilities, followed by key engineering, aesthetic, financial, logistical and programming factors. Only when planning is complete should contracts be signed and implementation begin. By following our tried and tested process, you will make the best decisions for your golf course bunkers.
Start now, by gaining an understanding of design possibilities right here. Our technical drawing below illustrates the four basic design styles. However when you add to this our additional construction option, Permaedge, plus options for multiple stacking, coloured faces and zero maintenance grass rims there are countless combinations, offering different benefits for all types of golf course.

EcoBunker | Golf Bunker Design Styles

Golf Bunker Design Options | See below some examples of how we have helped our customers make the right choice (click for project information)

Golf bunker designs
What golf bunker design style would suit our parkland golf course?
Golf Bunker Design Styles
Main problems with golf bunker design
Bunker designs for golf courses
Golf bunker design | EcoBunker
Bunker designs for golf courses
Rickie Fowler Bunker Shot- Medalist Golf Club

We hope this may have answered your questions regarding golf bunker design style options. Once you have decided on a design style, the next step is to estimate the size of your project. Please download a guide to measuring here.If you have more questions for us please contact us.

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