Titleist select Ecobunker for bunker renovation at it’s Acushnet HQ

World famous brand Titleist selected EcoBunker Ltd to re-construct all the bunkers on their in-house golf course at their HQ at Manchester Lane, Acushnet. This is where emerging Titleist equipment is tested, so it very likely that a future Vokey wedge, in your golf bag, may have been tested by our own product.

Already constructed on some of the world’s best courses, this further recognition by one of the biggest names in the golf industry is proof that our construction method has a place at any facility. Our Llewellyn Matthews managed the installation on site using our Permaedge (EcoBunker Advanced) construction option, making Titleist the second venue in the US to adopt this method following July 2016 success at Scottsdale GC, Bella Vista.