Ecotec Bunker Lining

Designed and Developed by EcoBunker: Finally a bunker liner that ticks ALL the boxes

Designed by EcoBunker Ltd, EcoTec gives you the best of both worlds. Firstly, a seamless solution in common with other premium bunker liners, EcoTec delivers an affordable solution giving premium quality allowing for ease of installation in all weather conditions. Speed of installation delivers substantial savings in reduced labour costs.

The EcoTec bunker liner concept gives bunker installers an ultra premium option outperforming previous solutions. EcoTec is now an easy fit installation method that can be installed quickly and efficiently.

EcoTec is a looped matrix of extruded polymeric filaments. The extrusion process results in an extremely strong material which is also flexible and can be moulded to suit any bunker shape.

EcoTec is designed unlike previous bunker textile liners to create a sealed single piece bunker unit. By forming a cold weld joint using our specially formulated bonding agent, every bunker will benefit from one single seamlessprotective layer.

The EcoTec unique profile combines an open matrix of filaments on the upper surface which effectively traps and stabilises sand grains. The denser filaments on the underside permits rapid water filtration whilst preventing sand grain wash through.

Despite the best efforts of the most conscientious green-keeping teams, perfect sand depths cannot be guaranteed at all times. EcoTec is designed to withstand club impact whilst the cushioning effect of the deep profile protects both club and golfer from harm.

As a result, golfers can approach bunker shots with more confidence, make a committed swing generating better and more consistent results.

EcoTec is cost effective as there is no disruption to a bunker renovation schedule. An intuitive process which does not require any specialised tools or installers. EcoTec is specifically designed to permit green-keeping teams to install safely and efficiently without the need for specialist machinery. We know that most bunker is undertaken in the winter months so the system has been designed to be installed in all weather conditions.

The material dimensions allow it to be freely moved around the course. EcoTec has been designed to fully comply with all current health and safety, and particularly CDM legislation. A two person lift is required and a typical bunker can be installed in under one hour with no specialist heavy lifting or PPE equipment required.

Consistent sand conditions are critical to promoting better bunker play. The Ecotec system drastically reduces sand contamination, eliminates stone ingress through the base and when combined with the EcoBunker edging, provides a fully sealed bunker. Expensive bunker sand will last years longer, and underlying bunker drainage systems will retain their full capacity, delivering optimum conditions for shot making.

  • Ease of installation
  • Can be installed in all weather conditions
  • Once bonded it becomes a seamless solution
  • Sand stabilisation prevents washout
  • Holds sand up to 35 degrees +
  • Forgiving liner creating increased playability
  • Unlike hardscapes it prevents injury to player and equipment
  • 14 year guarantee
  • If damaged by machinery a spot repair can be done easily
  • The first affordable bunker lining capable of all the above

Rolls of EcoTec Bunker Liner