Partnership Opportunities

EcoBunker Ltd is a rapidly expanding enterprise. Why? One of the main reasons is that we specialise in innovative golf bunker restoration, renovation and construction, at a time when the industry is increasing its focus on sustainability and the cost of bunker maintenance. Consequently, we are growing our own in-house team and also creating new opportunities for partnerships across the globe and in a range of disciplines. We have opportunities in:

Sales and Marketing

We are actively setting up distribution and agency agreements across the globe. Our first agreements are now in place and operating very successfully, however the world is a large market and golf is moving into new territories where it has not traditionally been widely played. We are interested in hearing from you if you like our products, our branding, and believe you can create demand and deliver sales in your territory.


Commonly in the UK we train local greenkeeping in house teams to renovate their bunkers using our construction methods under licence. However outside the UK, Contractors are more frequently employed by golf clubs to undertake capital works, such as a bunker restoration project. We have opportunities for contractors who would like to become accredited installers of the EcoBunker systems (including Aquaedge), and we are flexible in our approach, able to consider Joint Ventures, Sub-Contract or Licence and Supply options.


EIGCA Bronze PartnerWe are passionate about great design, and it is our pleasure to support the European Institute of Golf Course Architecture (EIGCA), becoming Bronze Partners in January 2017. We are regularly asked by our clients who we would recommend for golf course design and or project management. Several good links have been forged with progressive golf course architects, but there are more opportunities available. If you are interested in our range of products, get involved with bunker restoration projects or have a particular skill in a niche sector (e.g. Braid, Colt, Mackenzie, Ross, Tillinghast , Raynor et Al.) then we would like to hear from you.

Complimentary Products

Our range of products and construction methods can be combined with other techniques and products to deliver superior design solutions. An obvious ‘perfect fit’ is with bunker liner products, and we have built strong relationships with several like-minded, professional companies. However there are other synergies, perhaps with sand suppliers, turf suppliers, retaining wall products, irrigation and drainage systems, artificial grass installers and many more. If you have an idea or a product that could work with any of our systems then please don’t hesitate to contact us. There could be some excellent cross-selling opportunities.

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    Join our growing partnership program like these companies

    Willie Nisbet
    Willie NisbetScottish Sales Representative
    T: +44 (0) 7971 222 684
    Erik Svärd
    Erik SvärdJordelit
    T: 070-2607027
    Tim Gaglemann
    Tim GaglemannGolfkontor Handels GmbH
    T: +49 (0) 40 -5400770
    Morten Carlsen
    Morten CarlsenX3M Golf
    T: +45 70202207
    George Frye
    George Frye
    T: +1 (843) 364 0278
    North & South Carolina
    Guy Schaillee
    Guy SchailleeEllax Golf
    T: +32 56 772024
    Guy Schaillee
    Guy SchailleeEllax Golf
    T: +33 777 265049
    Stan Chapus
    Stan ChapusGreenmix
    +33 (0)6 24 64 55 77

    For all projects combining EcoBunker and Capillary Concrete.

    Guy Schaillee
    Guy SchailleeEllax Golf
    T: +33 777 265049
    Guy Schaillee
    Guy SchailleeEllax Golf
    T: +33 777 265049
    Sports Turf Solutions
    Sports Turf SolutionsThailand
    T: +66 2-540-3180
    Sports Turf Solutions
    Sports Turf SolutionsVietnam
    T: +84 (0) 28 3810 3353
    Sports Turf Solutions
    Sports Turf SolutionsMalaysia
    T: +603 51247866
    Sports Turf Solutions
    Sports Turf SolutionsMyanmar
    T: +95 1 518032
    Sports Turf Solutions
    Sports Turf SolutionsIndonesia
    T: +62 21 7783 6772
    Ostap Lukyanov
    Ostap LukyanovGolden Swing
    T: +7 (985) 767 66 05
    Danny Potter
    Danny Potter
    T: +65 – 6362-6922
    Shane Summerhayes
    Shane Summerhayes
    T: 0425280300
    Jeffrey Eshuis
    Jeffrey EshuisCentaur Asia Pacific
    T: (852) 2527-0007
    M: (852) 91797337
    Jay D Morgan
    Jay D MorganEcobunker Canada
    T: 519.241.3236