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EcoBunker | Innovation in golf bunker design

We turn golf bunkers into assets, not liabilities.

EcoBunker Advanced Synthetic Turf FaceOur patented technology provides for the design and construction of golf bunkers that are built using a combination of recycled materials. Traditional revetted bunkers (also known as a sod wall bunker in the United States) are typically made using stacked layers of turf. As any greenkeeper will know, bunker designs such as these require extensive maintenance due to the organic nature of the golf bunker wall. Not only is this expensive, bunker maintenance like this is time consuming. Very time consuming.

With our patented EcoBunker Advanced and EcoBunker AquaEdge systems, maintenance becomes a breeze. Constructed from recycled artificial turf, our bunkers feature on links courses, parkland courses,heathland and  downland courses worldwide.

Richard Allen’s search for a viable bunker edge product was inspired by his longheld passion for golf course design, an engineer’s mindset and his determination to preserve the bunker aesthetics at his own golf course. The ‘light bulb moment’ came in the form of a roll of used artificial grass, which when viewed end on, to a trained eye like Richard’s, resembled a traditional revetted bunker edge. The rest, as they say, is history.

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‘I recently saw the Eco-bunkers at the new Dumbarnie links, in Fife and thought they were outstanding. It was not possible to tell them apart from a natural revet, unless you were within arms length. It is a technology that is very welcome in my opinion and very likely to grow in popularity.’

Robin Hiseman – Golf Course Architect

Ecobunker Advanced

Our second generation synthetic bunker is constructed as a cantilever wall. This improved method built upon our original concept (Still in use on many courses) by reducing waste to zero whilst increasing structural ability.

EcoBunker AquaEdge

EcoBunker AquaEdge is the only synthetic turf water edging system on the market. We turn unsightly edging features that have succumbed to erosion into a clean, maintenance free and safe water feature.

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