EcoBunker | Changing and Improving Golf Bunkers

We turn golf bunkers into assets, not liabilities.

Welcome to EcoBunker Ltd, specialists in providing golf bunker technology and the home of the world’s best bunker edges, as proven by unrivalled performance over every year since founding in 2014. 

It was our Founder and CEO, Richard Allen, a passionate golfer and Civil Engineer who first identified the need for an easily maintainable bunker edge product. He responded by inventing the construction method which follows reinforced earth wall principles, using multiple layers of Polypropylene and Styrene Butadiene Rubber tiles, pre-impregnated with sand to form a revetment. We call them EcoTiles.

The appearance is remarkably similar to traditional Scottish Revetting or Sod Walls and is a Patented construction method which can be adapted for use on all types of golf bunker, in all climatic zones across the world. For over 30 years it has been Richard’s professional duty to provide honest and unbiased consultancy advice. For a totally objective approach to all aspects of bunker construction please find out more here.

How do we transform your bunkers from liabilities into assets that you’ll be proud of for generations?

We have developed 3 delivery options which means that almost every golf club, operating with different staff levels and budgets can find an approach that suits them. To find out which option works best for your club, click here.

Full Contract

The full turnkey solution from EcoBunker

EcoBunker Ltd offers experienced full contract options, using our own staff, which can extend of ‘Turnkey’ Design and Build if required, where we employ a qualified Golf Course Architect in our delivery team. This option takes all risk and liability from the golf club, and can often be undertaken on a fixed price basis. We have successfully completed 11 large projects, now and this offering is becoming increasingly popular with our clients. Advance booking is essential.

Managed Contract

Experienced team leadership

In this model, EcoBunker Ltd provides an experienced Construction Manager to lead the construction project from start to finish. The golf club buys Patented products from EcoBunker Ltd and provides plant and labour to complete the project. This is a highly efficient option and the commitment of a full time project manager is a powerful and proven incentive to complete the project on time and within budget.

Self Build Projects

Construction experience from EcoBunker

Many golf clubs like to maximise the use of their own staff, especially in the winter months. We are very happy to permit golf clubs build their own bunkers with no supervision, although we demonstrate our commitment to quality by arranging a ‘Construction Experience’ which qualifies for CPD and equips local staff with all the knowhow and tricks of the trade to build top class EcoBunkers in time and within budget.

Contact us about EcoBunker distribution in your territory