Today we spotlight the collaboration between EcoBunker, Worsely Golf Club and Mackenzie Ebert, who have kickstarted a new vision of bunker excellence at Worsley Golf Club.

Innovation at the heart: With over 100 years of history, Worsely Golf Club, have begun a comprehensive strategic plan to improve the bunker experience beyond the great standards it already has. As part of this endeavor, EcoBunker was entrusted to bring their expertise to the forefront through a test bunker build on the 18th Hole, offering members a glimpse into the future of their course.

Satisfied members and an even better experience: This project was not just about construction; it was about crafting an unparalleled experience for members. The completed project garnered widespread acclaim, with both members and management expressing utmost satisfaction.

Expert Testimony: Mackenzie & Ebert – International Golf Course Architects, renowned for their discerning eye in golf course design, lauded the execution of the bunker vision. Their endorsement reaffirms EcoBunker’s standing as the go-to expert in golf course transformations.

Conclusion: The transformation of Worsely GC’s bunkers stands as a testament to the power of collaboration, innovation, and expertise. As EcoBunker continues to redefine standards in golf course construction, we look forward to sharing more success stories that inspire and elevate the golfing experience.

“The team at EcoBunker have done a fabulous job and started the delivery of an exceptional masterplan by Mackenzie Ebert. The management and members are thrilled with the look and playability, and we look forward to doing more in the fall!”

Robert Holland-General Manager, Worsley Golf Club

Bunker Renovation Highlights:

  • Full Drainage Reinstatement: Addressing the core issue of drainage ensures longevity and playability.

  • Strategic Bunker Placement: Relocation and removal of bunkers to enhance course strategy and aesthetics.

  • Innovative Materials: EcoTec Liner and EcoBunker Advanced tiles showcased to create durable, environmentally friendly bunker edges.

  • Premium Sand Addition: Utilizing China Clay sand for superior performance and aesthetics.