The motivation behind Richard Allen’s invention of synthetic bunker edging was to find a bunker design that was aesthetically pleasing and yet easy and affordable to maintain. Golf course designers are also attracted by the benefits of ‘locking-in’ their design intentions, which are often left to the mercy of the elements.

In the Florida climate, natural forces of erosion are extreme, and in response, designer Kevin Norby (of Herford-Norby Golf Course Architects) turned to EcoBunker Ltd’s Advanced design option for the solution. Thus the team from Duininck golf were able to skilfully deliver Scottish style sod wall bunkers that would resist anything that nature and golfers could throw at them. EcoBunker Ltd’s expert Llewellyn Matthews was well known to Kevin, and led the initial stages of the project. His value to the project can be clearly seen in these beautifully crafted landforms.