The option to multiple stack the synthetic turf layers was invented by our Director, Richard Allen back in 2010, and installed by him and a team working under his direction at Pyle and Kenfig GC. So when, in late 2014, architect Bobby Weed asked if turf could be stacked in such a way to create a thicker looking revett, we could confidently give a positive answer.

When installed with accuracy, double (or even triple) stacking does produce a visual effect that very closely resembles a natural sod wall bunker. This was a key requirement for the renovation of the Medalist in the summer of 2015. Following initial training (given by our expert craftsman Llewellyn Matthews), Contractor LePanto, and Weed, working in close harmony completely transformed the course.

The vision of the original architects (Dye-Norman) had been lost due to the erosive effects of the Floridian climate, but our new Ecobunkers will ensure the restored pot bunkers and characteristic obliquely angled turf walls will endure. Even Hurricane Matthew, which passed very close in 2016 could not damage our bunker system.

Members, including Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and Rickie Fowler will not have to face any more eroded edges!