Can revetting work in a parkland environment? By adopting our hybrid design option, Druids Heath GC is proof that our edging products can be adapted to site events very naturally, 60 miles from the sea, and at the same time solve significant maintenance challenges. Like many inland golf courses the bunkers at Druid’s Heath are unlined and characterised by high sand faces meeting a thin grassed lip. The results are, on many bunkers, frequent wash down, contaminated sand, stones, and regular drainage issues. As an added extra problem, the steep sandy slopes are a magnet for badgers and rabbits.

EcoBunker’s hybrid design was chosen as the design solution here because it could deliver:

Attractive revetted edges varying in thickness up to a maximum of 600mm
Lowered the sand angle from an unsustainable 35 degrees to a more maintainable 20 degrees
Sand still visible for aesthetic reasons
A resilient edge, resisting all forms of natural erosion and burrowing animals
Natural bunker forms delivered by EcoBunker’s skilled shaping team

The photos above show how revetting certainly can work in a parkland environment, IF the correct design is selected and then implemented by suitably skilled shapers.