Sand wash down is becoming increasingly common, as many greenkeepers in the UK notice changing rainfall patterns, and more frequent high intensity short events. The number of valuable greenkeeping hours devoted to this unpleasant reparation is increasing at a time when many clubs can ill-afford the expense.

There are several solutions available (some involving base liners), and Potters Bar GC turned to Ecobunker Ltd for advice. Our solution was to reduce the angle of the sand faces from 30 degrees down to approximately 15 degrees. This was made possible by introducing revetted edges (typically 300-450mm in height) using our ecobunker system. We also lined the bunkers using recycled astroturf. There was no doubt about the immediate aesthetic benefits. But how would the new design perform under heavy rainfall?

Perfectly as planned, designed and executed as the attached film clip demonstrates. EcoBunker Ltd has now committed to a much larger project which will introduce a revetted design to bunkers in a carefully considered manner, whilst ta the same time ensuing a lower maintenance burden and far more consistent playing conditions for the members.