Bunker Liners

Since 2009, the staff at EcoBunker Ltd have built hundreds of golf bunkers, on all types of golf courses, right across the globe. During that time we have installed our bunker edging system alongside all of the main bunker liner systems.

There are a bewildering array of liners available. The most important thing to recognise is that each liner performs in a slightly different way and is therefore designed to address different challenges.

No Liner has the perfect answer to every question, so the best solution will be the one that ticks the most boxes. At EcoBunker Ltd, we take an unbiased view on liner selection and we ask a lot of questions before helping you select the best option for your golf club.

The best choice for your golf course will depend on balancing a range of factors. The following questions should be answered before making any decision:

  • What is the nature of your problem? (Poor drainage? Stones? Washout? Burrowing Animals? Erosion? Sand Texture?)
  • How much can you afford?
  • What style of bunkers do you have and how many of them? (High sand faces? Intricate edges? Revetted edges? Small? Large?)
  • What are your ground conditions? (Free draining sand or waterlogged heavy clay or other?)
  • Have you an appetite for ongoing maintenance? (do you want total maintenance free bunkers or are you prepared to do routine maintenance?)
  • What is your current maintenance capability?
  • How high are your golfer’s expectations?

EcoTec Liner

EcoSward Liner

EcoSward Liner

Capillary Concrete




Tarmac Topsport

Tarmac Topsport

Bunker Blinder

Rubber Crumb



No liner will solve a drainage problem unless there is a decent outfall from your bunkers. An outfall can be infiltration straight to ground (if you are lucky with your local soils), or indirectly via a purpose-built soakaway, or finally in heavy ground, a positive conduit to a pipe or watercourse. It seems obvious but it is often the simplest solutions that provide the greatest benefit. As part of any bunker work, EcoBunker Ltd always considers local drainage factors.