Rancho San Lucas, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico is the first golf course in Mexico to adopt EcoBunker’s unique synthetic sod bunker wall construction method. This stunning new development by SOLMAR occupies an enviable site overlooking the Pacific Ocean, and Greg Norman Golf Design are taking full advantage.

The course will consist of a higher ‘desert section’ and a lower ‘beach/links section’. Although a fantastic site for golf, the construction and maintenance of the course is throwing up some significant challenges. The economic use of water in this desert region is one, and on the beach section of the course, the unstable sand and strong breezes make bunker construction particularly interesting. In that regard, the ecobunker system provided the perfect option, requiring no irrigation plus the strength and resilience to cope with even the most severe climatic conditions (EcoBunker is the only bunker edge product proven to resist Category 5 Hurricanes with no damage).


Designer Danny Fore (Greg Norman Golf Design) and Project Manager John Nurminen were highly satisfied by the first Ecobunker built on the 3rd hole, and work is now proceeding apace across the rest of the course. In a brief interview, John describes his first experience with ecobunker.