Which golf bunkers get the highest rate of wear and tear? Take a look at the practice bunker at most golf courses and you will see the answer right there in front of you. Practice bunkers get a huge amount of play and as a result they are normally in a poor condition. Sometimes practice bunkers give a terrible first impression of a golf course. However, we at EcoBunker Ltd owe a lot to practice bunkers. Launching a revolutionary product that challenges and changes long accepted maintenance practices is not easy, especially in the traditionally minded world of golf. However, practice bunkers gave our concept the opportunity to start bunker renovation projects at clubs which eventually went on to renovate all the bunkers on the golf course. Full course renovations at venues like Southerndown and Secession GC started off like this.

Now imagine that you are one of the biggest club producers in the world, and you have a reputation for producing some of the best wedges and sand wedges (vokey) in the sport. You have a mini golf course where you continually test and re-test and refine your clubs. The sand bunkers are going to get a lot of action, and rapid degradation, and so it was that the Titleist HQ , near Boston, Massachusetts turned to EcoBunker Ltd for a renovation of their test facility bunkers.

In early 2016 Llewellyn Matthews visited the facility, and worked alongside local contractor Sean Hanley for a bunker renovation project. It was one of the first facilities where we installed using our EcoBunker Advanced method, which increased wall strength and stability by 40%. Perfect for the most stressed bunker conditions. EcoBunker Ltd , the market leader in their field is extremely proud to be associated with Titleist , another market leader in golf balls and equipment.