The TPC Sugarloaf (Duluth, Georgia); a comprehensive $25 million face-lift is underway, with our synthetic revetments (or sod walls) transforming the bunker aesthetics. The TPC organization were familiar with our invention, and committed to a contract with IVI-Golf/Ecobunker Ltd after we demonstrated how our superior logistics and supply chain arrangements could service the fast track construction programme. We did not disappoint, delivering 200 pallets in less than 9 weeks, all on time and without compromising any of our other ongoing commitments. Contractor Alan Macurrach and his team are doing a superb job following our initial two stage training process.

“This turf was repurposed from school yards and ball fields,” Cink said. “I was out there looking around one day and they had pallets and you could still see some of the yard lines in the markings. It’s artificial, so it won’t degrade or fade into dust like turf does. That’s what gives it that dramatic look.”

Stewart Cink, 2009 Open Champion

TPC Sugarloaf