Low maintenance bunkers at Lingdale Golf Club deliver aesthetic

EcoBunker Ltd have adapted their design style to suit the beautiful woodland environment of Lingdale GC, Leicestershire. Greens Chairman, Anne MacGregor first saw ecobunker at nearby Cosby GC, and recognised a potential solution to the clubs inconsistent and eroded bunkers. Anne explains:

‘Our design brief to EcoBunker was firstly propose a low maintenance design (taking into account drainage, liners, edges and sand type) and secondly to deliver an aesthetic that could provide a more consistent look to all the bunkers and create a more coherent theme for the golf course’.

Like many clubs, Lingdale had renovated bunkers in a piecemeal manner over many years, and the result was a variety of styles and shapes which did not enhance the course. Furthermore the course was built as two separate nines, with each having a distinct identity.

Following several site visits and detailed consultation, EcoBunker and Lingdale agreed that their best performing bunkers tended to have a visible raised sand face, abutting a fairly deep lip. It was decided to replicate this look on two new bunkers on the 15th fairway and a renovated bunker on the par 3 16th. During construction (conducted by our full team) we installed our EcoBunker edge, Sandtrapper2 liner to minimise the potential for sand washout, and a subsurface Hydroblox drain connected to a new drainage outfall. The end results provide a superb template for future work right across the course, and very soon Lingdale will be viewing their bunkers as a visual and strategic asset, enhancing the course, and not a liability.